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The setup fee covers the custom design and build of your website, plus the work involved in getting your website setup.
The monthly fee covers hosting costs, with options of different levels of technical support.

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Websites Price Guide

Websites costs can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds, depending on what complexity is involved in setting up your website.

The setup fee

The setup fee covers the custom design and build of your website, plus the work involved in connecting your domain name and setting up DNS settings. The set up fee will vary depending on your website requirements, so the amount of pages you require and the complexity behind the pages etc. Once we have discussed with you what your website needs to do, we will be able to give you a fixed setup fee figure.

*A £250 set up fee is based on 2-4 brochure style website.

All websites are designed and tailored to your business, we don’t use over bloated themes – we only code in what is necessary for your website based on the approved design. We do this as the speed of your website is key to keeping customers interacting with your site, and speed is also one of the factors to your google rankings.

Monthly fee

Our websites are hosted on a managed VPS server. We offer different levels of hosting and technical support, so you can choose which is best suited to your needs.

**£10 per month, is our minimum hosting package.

If there is one thing that we can not stress enough, it’s the importance of good hosting.

Hosting is the most crucial thing to get right because it is the backbone of your site. If you stick your site on some cheap-as-chips hosting company, it’s going to cause problems at some-point down the line. We have experience of the WordPress hosting environments, speed, technical support and actually using these hosts for lots of different sites – from small brochure-style websites to large corporate mega-sites.

Here’s what we know about cheap hosting providers…

Speed is ALWAYS an issue on cheap shared servers. Your site will be hosted on a server with 1000s of other peoples websites. This means your site is vulnerable to any errors or problems caused by 1000s of other people. Plus the technical support can be rubbish, which can be very frustrating.

We Believe in Offering Value

Everyone wants value and we offer oodles of it. By giving you all the website features you could need, coupled with fantastic customer service and amazingly competitive pricing, you can see why we’re chosen by many UK Small Businesses to be there website provider.

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